Specializing in cleaning products, home care, cosmetics and professional products Romchim company was founded in Tg. Mures, Romania, in 1998, at which point continue to evolve and expand.
Expanded capabilities of production  through new investment and semi-automatic machines, and adherence to high quality standards ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2008, makes Romchim a company wich is internationaly recognized because of its high quality products.

The digital catalog shows a wide range of products, opportunities for our customers and the ability to personalize products through private label.
Digital product catalog


The company's development is supported by our own distribution network in (9 counties) and coordonated by representatives of the working points.

Private label goods and services

For almost 20 years, ROMCHIM has been producing, for its partners, at high quality and at favorable prices, cosmetics, maintenance and home cleaning products under private label.